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Pirated WindowsWindows Vista Service Pack 1, not to mention Windows Vista RTM, and Windows XP Service Pack 3 are out, and Windows 7 is in! That’s right, Windows 7. There is a veritable frenzy over the next edition of the Windows operating system, as it appears that Microsoft has already shipped an early development milestone to key partners. With Windows 7 Milestone 1 Ultimate Build version 6.1 (Build 6519.1.x86fre.winmain.071220-1525) available outside of Redmond, many feel that it is just a matter of time before the next iteration of Windows will make it onto warez or torrent websites.

And in fact, various peer-to-peer file sharing networks now feature Windows 7 Milestone 1 for download, more or less referencing the official ISO served by Microsoft: 6519.1.071220-1525. Now, such piracy hotspots have long been the cradle of various Microsoft products, and not just copies of its software, but also product keys, hack techniques, cracks, key generators and so on and so forth. But accessing such alternative and illegal resources of Microsoft software is never a good idea. No matter how appealing the end prize might be!

Users racing to be among the first in the world to have a hands-on experience with Windows 7, however, are ready to throw aside common sense and ignore risks, be them legal or otherwise related to malware payloads tucked away in pirated materials. Windows 7 made no exception in this case. However, at this point in time, torrent downloads of Windows 7 are only masquerading as the operating system.

The ISO images available via BitTorrent trackers have proved to be nothing but fake zero byte ISO images. However, attackers could very easily leverage the strong incentive that is Windows 7 in social engineering schemes designed to let users turn themselves into victims and become infected with malicious code. Windows 7 M2 is expected to drop in April/May 2008, M3 in the third quarter. The Beta, RC and RTM versions of Windows 7 are planned for 2009. All it takes is a bit of patience.


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  1. http://bhajani.blogsome.com Says:

    Great topic, Thanks for the same.
    Plz Plz keep it up doing.

  2. http://csharp.com.au Says:

    Why not just download a realoperating system and save yourself the time?

    The latest stable release of Debian is 4.0

    When these guy’s say stable, they actually mean “STABLE” – if you want an experimental suicide machine, why not have a play with ReactOS (the most complete working model of a Windows® like operating system available… at least publicly ;) … anyways *yawn* it’s taken 20 years to get even close, to a POSIX kernel, in that time Apple dropped their hacks and adopted BSD as their core, so why the hell can’t you guy’s over at Micro$oft do the same!?


    This is quite a good thread about ‘winternals’ and in particular I find Bill Gates making his comment about Windows ME most appropriate for this thread!

    And while your at it, be a champion webmeddler and go Python or Ruby!


  3. http://csharp.com.au Says:

    NASA uses Python… want another good reason?

    Google use Python – a core http library!

    My mum uses Ruby to automate her blog! Very similar to.. Python!

    import os
    import sys
    import optparse
    from pyinotify import WatchManager, Notifier, ProcessEvent, EventsCodes

    Who really cares about Windows 7, 8, 9 or 109 for that matter? Windows XP Service Pack 3000678… please… get yourself some brain!

  4. David Says:

    Why you hate M$? NASA or M$ or iPPLE, they all develop good things out of their innovation. Get the best out of them and relax you steaming head…
    WIndows, door, table & Python, leapord, ray, bat and most of the animal kingdom are used… dont go by name, test everything and keep the bes you feel for your life…

  5. Alex1605 Says:

    Windows is a great Operating System. In my opinion its simply the best.
    Of course people will always say “Windows uses to much RAM or CPU whatever” but at least, the great graphig effects with windows aero and the easy Usage makes it unbeatbale (excuse me for my bad english..)

    I think OS like Debian Suse, Ubuntu wtf …all those Operating Systems are often to difficult to use for Computer Beginners.

    Also there are to many Driver Problems.Some Devices are not even supported by Debian or whatever.

    I think its more difficult to setup a OS like Debian, Linux or whatever, since Windows is simply easier to use.

    Remember, i am talking of Computer Beginners.

  6. kifcaliph Says:

    excuse me Alex1605… would you please watch this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5dbjwFyYnsI to knw the difference between Windows Vista and Gentoo Linux

  7. Nameless Says:


    I installed Vista on my System, started it up and boom! blue screen and reboot. The second time it worked so i started installing some programmes( Office, games, etc) tried to run Call of Duty 4 after i installed the driver…. 20fps less then on windows XP, Word had to load almost twice as long as in XP and my wireless network card wan’t supported so no internet.

    You say Windows (Vista, not XP, XP was a great OS and i’m still running it) is easyer to use for beginners, if you are a REAL windows beginner (=never used it before) you’ll have to spend some hours finding stuff. And once you know how to navigate in linux you almost don’t have to click anymore, in windows you have to press “ok” every 5 clicks.

    Microsoft is beginning to screw things up, XP was great, Vista is just unstable and badly supported. Linux is… FREE! easy in use after some practice and gets supported more and more

    sorry for bad english :)

  8. jackjack Says:

    Then Alex, you should really like Mac OS X, which is even easier than Windows to set up and use and it supports all drivers. Plus it runs faster and doesn’t get viruses. :)

  9. Tom Says:

    Oh Christ.
    You are all evicted from the internet.
    You have five minutes to pack your things and say your goodbyes.

  10. iquelite Says:

    where to download windows 7 m1??

  11. Jeremy Says:

    Well said Tom. This argument could go on forever. Everyone uses an operating system to suite their own needs. Some people get overwhelmed by their choice in operating system and never really step outside their “bubble” and give something else a fair try. Operating Systems are so plentiful now, they are as diverse as we are. You need to sit down with your OS and treat it like a marriage. I personally have tried every major Linux distro and every version of Windows and OSX from Puma to Leopard. Suse is the best overall Linux, however forget about setting up wireless unless you’re a Linux expert. Windows XP is best Windows version, Vista is an attempt to package an OS like Linux with tons of MS applications and unnecessary visuals. Tiger is the best OS X version as Leopard has ridiculous visuals and file management issues.

  12. Sky Says:

    Windows??!! LOL I don’t need viruses and blue death fatal error XD. Leave the dark side! UBUNTU 4EVER !!!! :D :D

  13. MaDdOxX Says:

    Windows XP rocks!! I don’t need any other versions of windows. Especially Windows 7. Windows 7 is only a renamed version of a previous version with a few modifications to the appearance.

  14. Anonymous Says:

    you can, i have and run it under vmware heres a link to a good version: http://thepiratebay.org/tor/4233045/Windows_7_BETA_Build_6519

  15. JD04 Says:

    Thanks For The Link Anonymous!

  16. Hok Says:

    Try to be official beta tester. Or try READ COMMENT first before downloading a torrent file.

  17. Windows XP Fan Says:

    Vista is really HORRIBLE.I will be waiting for Windows 7 to be released,if its still not compatible with programs and stinks like vista,I will be switching to Linux Ubuntu.
    But Windows XP is really the best OS Ever !!!!!!

  18. mayu Says:

    jep thanks a lot 4tha info.

  19. HE HA Says:

    HA HA Alex1605 have you EVER tried Ubuntu?!

    I have installed Ubuntu 8.04 and 8.10 on alot of my friends computers as their main OS and they love it and use it without asking me very many questions!! One of them is a preschool education major who asked me if there really is a difference between software and hardware, 2 of them are music majors, one of them is a nurse and i also installed it on her parents computers who ALL normally use windows!! So im sorry but normal computer users can use Ubuntu just fine without having to know anything about Linux or bash!!

  20. SK Says:

    Windows XP sucks, too. Bloated, slow.. hogs up memory, crashes. Windows 2000 is the only decent M$OS.

  21. kevin Says:

    I like to try the w7 if I can

  22. GNU/Linux Says:

    Windows is a piece of shit… try Ubuntu Hardy and you’ll know the difference. Ubuntu gives you the freedom and the security and knowledge at the same time. Windows is for noobs….. good luck with that stupid windows kernel…

  23. Kris Says:

    I started using Micro$oft products in 1997 when I was only 10 years old. Used it up to the beginning of 2007, then switched to Linux. Why? Because Micro$oft products NEVER worked right for me. My first computer was an IBM Aptiva with Win95, and I was always getting the BSOD (Blue Screen Of Death) or booted into Safe Mode. Same thing with Win98. I never got to try Win2K, so I can’t make any comments there, but WinME was by far the WORST. I don’t think I need to make any comments there. WinXP was always freezing or giving me the BSOD, and it came preinstalled on my Win2k3 laptop. Vista was the same as XP with the addition of the RSOD (Red Screen Of Death) and the constant Allow/Deny boxes for literally almost everything I wanted to do. Now you may say that I never did any of the recommended stuff to keep myself safe, but that’d be wrong. I went the whole nine yards-antivirus, antispyware, Scandisk/Checkdisk, Disk Defrag, kept the drivers up-to-date, even went as far as using Fix-It Utilities to do the Registry Fixer and Registry Defragger when I couldn’t take it anymore having problems all the time.

    Now I use Linux. Now I’m not denying that Linux has it’s problems; Linux does have some issues, but at least it doesn’t freeze just because I want to play World of Warcraft (which runs great under WINE), and my screen doesn’t go bonkers whenever I try to play Solitaire. Only problem is, I can’t run Office 2007, so I can’t remain compatible with my grandma running Vi$ta (who, coincidentally, always asks me for help with yet another problem), and I can’t open Publisher/Access files from any version of Office. But luckily OpenOffice recognizes Microsoft Word, Excel, and Powerpoint files from 2003 and older (no, I didn’t hack Micro$ofts files to add the support, OpenOffice supports them on it’s own).

    I’ll give Micro$oft one last chance when Windoze 7 comes out, but if they can’t get their act together, I’m done with them. That’s it. No more. It’s either they get their OS (Operating System) right so I can dual boot with Windoze and Linux, or all my computers that I’ll ever own are Linux-only.

  24. Kris Says:

    Oh, and PS, Ubuntu didn’t work for me at all when I tried it back in 2007.

  25. Brent Says:

    I think all of you are dumb. Ubuntu is a great OS. Not the best. XP is a great OS. Not the best. Its all a matter of opinion. Its like trying to argue apples or oranges. Its what are your needs, whats important to you.

    As far as Windows 7 is concerned, its not just a renamed Vista. If you do your research, you’ll find Microsoft started it before Vista. Just like with Windows XP. ME was a pre ejaculation of XP which was just a ploy to put something out till they got XP in a good condition. We all remember hating ME just like we all hate Vista. 7 is going to be like XP, a very positive step for Microsoft.

    And for you children talking about starting to use windows in 97. Let me tell you, Linux wasn’t always that user friendly and windows 3.1 running on Microsoft Dos 6.0 was an extremely stable platform. And Apple used to be so difficult to install or upgrade, you HAD to buy a new computer. So things change. Everything gets better. Microsoft probably can’t afford to put out another pre ejaculation like they did with ME or Vista because all it did was give Linux and Apple an open door. So they won’t do it again. People once said about Win98SE what is being said about XP and about XP what is being said about 7. So just sit back, relax, and ride the waves that are OSs. Enjoy all and good night.

  26. Brett Says:

    Ubuntu isnt bad at all,detects most hardware now.Tons of applications available in the repositorys,most of which are brought to you by people just donateing thier time.Easy navigation and can customize anyway you like.
    Now on to windows.Windows isnt the horrible Os by any mean.Windows works and it is easy,sure there are alot of things i would like changed.Half you windows bashers are using Windows now.Vista suck? Nope,it needs improvments yes.I use my pc hard with what I do it is not unuusual for me to have 20 to 25 tasks going.I do not run into unresponsive applications as i did with xp and have to do a force quit or reboot.Vista is not as effeciant as XP though.I myself actually went back to XP after being unhappy with Vista…4 days later I went back to Vista as I was missing some of the things I liked about it,one of which is it is a rock if you work the crap out of your pc.I am sure that there will be a service pack 2 which will address many issues that we are unhappy with.
    Windows 7 will be good.It will work with all your hardware,several task bar enhancements are there,Slider control for user UAC,40 percent boot up time as Vista.less hradware requirements needed than Vista,and yes the rock solid Vista kernel.Wait and enjoy.
    Mac is cool, but cool dont always make my computing experiance better.They are nice for a second computer IMO.They too are like a rock,but do not offer the abilty to have the endless software available as Windows.and that is a shame,that and while the dock is cool the taskbar wins when doing major mutitasking.
    Anyway real copys of Windows7can be had via torrents.Put it on your extra hard drive and take it for a spin,you will like it.Dont bitch if its a little buggy that always gets fixed and after all its not the final release{it is more stable right now than when the final version of Vista hit the shelf}.Concentrate on features and usability.Most are welcome but a couple they should have left alone though.Just use it as a toy dont keep any important files on it because you do not have the security that u have in a fully updated xp or vista machine.

  27. anon Says:

    So ubuntu/etc[linux] is the best? Mac is the best?
    While I have dabbled in all 3 major os types (run fedora and gentoo server, have macbook, and run a dual boot xp/vista machine) it is clear they each have their own purpose.

    Productivity (office/financial software/home design) it is a tie. OO and MO are available, is MO worth the cost? Sometimes. For other apps, the vast majority is windows based.

    Design (photoediting/webpage/music creation) is leaning towards mac. Adobe/ilife available for mac, windows only really has adobe, and linux has gimp, nvu/bluefish and audacity, no cs4 unless using wine and issues occur.

    Gaming – windows pwns this. XP anyways. Mac has some games, but linux has virtually no games except through wine which also has many issues.

    So if you are looking for software for your computer, XP is what I would suggest.
    If you are looking for ease of use, no compatability issues and well designed but limited apps, go mac.
    If you want cheap, low resource usage, and customizable, go linux.

  28. Alex Says:

    Let’s be honest here. From basically every angle, Windows is the best OS. It runs anything and everything. There are never any compatibility issues unless you’re doing something wrong or there’s a problem with your hardware. Mac comes close but never in a million years is it worth the cost of their computers. In reality the only real reason people use operating systems like Free BSD, Debian, Ubuntu or any linux distro is because they want to be different, “alternative” or think that they’re being rebellious by not using microsoft.

    Windows works, just use it!

  29. Jorkatumasnut Tunseluhardle Says:

    I’ve tried linux, and later tried Ubuntu. I’ve found these OS solutions to be nothing but poor excuses of free alternatives, sure they may be usable, but they are impractical to work with.

    You don’t need to be an advanced user to use them, even beginners can use them, given they don’t have trubles with their hardware. I beginner would not even notice that some fan didn’t get managed correctly to save power, he/she would just think ‘why is my computer making that noise all the time’.

    Windows on the other hand is overpriced, the best is usually always overpriced, photoshop, flash professionel etc are all over priced. I often simply chose the free alternatives, Paint.NET, Gimp. Etc (when possible).

    However the OS is something i won’t change from Windows to linux, it would simply be to big of a downgrade, i hate the UI design in linux, even i can make better UIs then that.

    Ubuntu simply cant compete with neither windows xp or vista on a serious level, people who claim so must be blown out of their mind.

    I also find Vista to be far better then XP, and as it shows it is both better at handling memory, and better when running in x64 systems. I don’t see a reason to upgrade if you don’t have a 64bit system, and more then 3gb of ram.

    People should stop looking at their ram/system usage, because it doesn’t always reflect how much some given app takes up, I’ve found performance in games to be about the same as in XP, despite vista beeing suposed to take more ram.

    I don’t really need Photoshop to work though, i will be doing fine with the free alternatives, as these generally enables me to do the same as in photoshop.

    To install Ubuntu, or any version of linux. Would require a custom made installer, something most won’t have the time to get into. Thats usually because of missing hardware drivers, not to mention the missing MS fonts which makes a lot of web pages look wired in Ubuntu.

    If you are re-installing often, such installers would be to prefer, that way you don’t have to go through the same commands each time you install.

    The UIs in apps for Ubuntu are very poor, sometimes they don’t even allow for simple coulmn-sorting, and ofcause you cant directly run apps designed for windows on linux, so that gives vista another advantage. I.e XP vs Vista, or XP vs Ubuntu

    I don’t have a problem with command lines, i actually quite often use the command line when working with windows, just not as often as i would in Ubuntu, why? Because better gui-methods exist in windows, you got to automate this in ubuntu. Thats however mainly an issue when installing stuff not found in the package maneger, the maneger will be of grath assistance to new users, but they usually end up being forced to use the command line anyway one way or another.

    That said, windows is still overpriced, and to many new versions are made. It would be far better to have one system, and keep updating it. Major updated, I.E. x86 to x64 would then cost a smaller fee via Windows update.

    Priated versions are usually fine. Ofcause the highlighted risk is to scare those downloading it.

  30. saurabh Says:

    hey dear that means we will not get window 7 this time from any website

  31. coyote Says:

    Ubuntu and stable versions are for sissies. If you must try linux, do it from something like slackware, gentoo, arch or lunar… If all you wanna do is to have an home computer, just stay with windows, it’s much more easy, since you don’t have to do anything for it to work. Plus, what gives to actually download something from an torrent, the only reasonable motive is that the iso images are zero filled images, or images filled only with zero bytes. Plus if it wasnt’e for torrents and other means, many people would never ever get an computer at the first place, because all what the companies think are in getting richer, and selling things to big phat rich bastards, just like them. More than half or the world, isn’t like that, instead were normal people who have their problems, and don’t have a lot of money available. Is this so hard to understand, that if you actually lower your prices, you will sell more because you reach much more people?

  32. caster blas Says:

    Linux is to less security system from MS 2k3 server/2k8….
    Linux is a “hacking” OS system, you install them, you will be conttroled by them…
    check the http://www.zone-h.org/ , you can see a lots o linux is go down from hackers..
    think about it.

  33. Mavrick Says:

    I like how all the linux fanboi’s just ejaculate all over themselves typing how windoze suxxors and linux is awesomez. One guy even said every version of windows had problems and I only have to wonder how dumb he is. Seriously, -every- version of windows? Its called ‘user error’. Learn how to do stuff properly and it wont crash all the time. I admit Win9x had its issues, we primarily used NT4 till i discovered games and how cool they are. Without windows, or macintosh, computers linux would be bland and pointless. Everything linux has they stole the idea from windows or macs, and the new ideas they do have they got the ideas from using windows.

  34. jeff Says:

    what kind of article is this??? get your facts straight. There are a good deal of legitimate torrents out now for Windows 7. Second, by downloading, you only risk your time and your bandwidth. I doubt microsoft cares about people downloading this, because 1 its not for sale anyways and 2 the feedback they get will likely help them make this OS much more stable. And besides, it would be extremely impractical to actually use this OS as your main OS so its not like these releases will hurt them in the future.

    And if it turns out to be anything like Vista, I might have to stick with xp again. (i hope not though).

  35. Jim Says:

    I think they should base the core off the next most popular Unix/Linux OS and start over completely and as for alex refering to Linux and Unix not having drivers if you are so unhappy about it learn C and write some yourself! The reason you think windows is so easy to use is for the fact that it was what is spoon fed to us!!!

    if it was up to me you would buy a computer from the store with no OS on it and you would have to learn from there if a computer was sold with a OS the seller would have to pay fines! Why pay 200+ for a OS when you have the for free!?

  36. Duane Wills Says:

    I’ve used every OS out there. Lots of Linuxes (Slackware to Ubuntu), MacOS (Classic to X), and Windows (3.1 to, now, 7). What do I run on my primary machine? Windows 7 build 7000. Why? It is superior to all of the above. The new security features debuted in WS2003 (Vista on the desktop) have been refined and supplemented. The interface debuted in Vista has been polished. Rough edges have been polished. The refreshed taskbar is genius. Portions of Windows which have been let slide over time (Paint, WordPad, Defragmenter) have been brought up to levels of performance that traditionally required standalone applications. Best of all, it is FAST. It is far more modular than any Windows previously, and has similar hardware requirements as XP. This machine here is a Compaq Presario built for XP Home (pre-SP1), and it runs WELL with Windows 7. The only upgrades I’ve made are bumping it up to 1 GB of RAM and clocking up the Sempron chip to 2.3 GHZ. Far less than ANY PC on the shelf, and it runs great. With Aero Glass enabled. For the first time, I’m considering buying a PC and leaving Windows on.

  37. zorgan Says:

    I am a Software Engineer by education and I have used DEBIAN LINUX many times.

    Those who think Linux is the way, let me ask you this : How many 3D Games can you play on Linux? Can you play Crysis? How about at least NFS UDNERCOVER?

    End of discussion

  38. Billg Says:

    Get your copy of Windows7 beta from microsoft, have a look at key points of the announcement

  39. Download Windows 7 Beta Says:

    It’s being released today from Microsoft.

  40. zatloukal Says:

    good operating system

  41. Panach Says:

    Ok for this versions…

    I hope it’s a good version !!

  42. CompuHacker Says:

    While this may be true, running these ISOs in a Virtual machine would eliminate any risk, rendering this article completely worthless. Thanks, windows7.cc, I really needed to be warned about running pirated software on my computer. If anything, this is just to discourage piracy, you don’t care about our safety.

  43. Loptr Says:

    This is bogus. There are lots of fully functional Windows 7 releases on bittorrent trackers.
    Not sure wether this is just propaganda, moralism or both, but it has no place in “news”..

    I’ll go somewhere else where people actually have a clue instead.

  44. Marc Says:

    me, I hate Windows, and I will say you why :

    Windows is slow
    Windows is big
    Windows is expensive
    Windows is unsecured
    Windows is bogus
    Windows doesn’t give ennough control to the user, many things are blocked, and when you try to change them, it’s illegal
    Windows doesn’t respect the privacy, we can’t know what is sent to Microsoft
    Windows is commercial, to do profit, it’s not user friendly.

    So why I like Linux (Ubuntu), I use it since more than 1 year and I like it too much.
    Linux is fast
    Linux is stable
    Linux is easy to use (because it’s Ubuntu, very easy to use)
    Linux is secured
    Linux is Free, completly free
    Linux allow me to work
    Linux repects my privacy
    Linux still works when I modifiy it, and it’s legal
    Linux is customisable
    Linux is as for begginners as for experts

    It’s really a pity that some programs doesn’t work on linux, but equivalents or Wine is here to resolve some probs, and it works really good.
    And Linux supports more drivers than windows, for Ubuntu, it’s easier to install a peripheral on Ubuntu than on Windows (like the printers, phones, etc…)

    Don’t stay with what you heard on linux, try it, and you’ll see how Linux is great =)

    Sorry for my bad English, I’m french :p
    a last link : http://www.getgnulinux.org/

  45. ... Says:

    Well, I was fairly disappointed by the article. Yes, most Windows 7 torrents are probably fake, but it really isn’t news. Anyone who couldn’t figure it out on their own has no business messing with BETA OS’s.

    But some of the comments here have left me depressed. I’m a fan of Ubuntu Linux. It’s easy to install, it boots up fast, and once it has booted up, the GUI is very intuitive. And, of course, it’s free.
    First, I’d like to maim Alex1605. Don’t go around bitching about Linux if you’ve never even attempted to try it before.
    But I have nothing against Windows. I think Vista was released to soon, but I think that it will improve.
    Mac is also great. I don’t see why we can’t stop acting like children here. Why can’t we just accept that different OS’s have different uses?

  46. Ganga Says:

    U are absolutely right….

  47. Niksunorz Says:


    Why keep trolling about Windows? Don’t use it if you’re so in love with Linux, Python or some other nerd-friendly OS. I use Windows ’cause it’s easy. Linux is not easy if you’re new to computers or if you’ve always used Windows.

    I will buy Windows 7 when it comes out. Vista was a bad shot from Microsoft. XP is still the best for me.

  48. Alienator Says:

    Use linux or mac if you hate games! Windows for gamers!!!!!!!!!

  49. Techie Says:

    I have been a MS windows user since the first release of windows 3. Of all the releases to

    date, the following deserve some comment.

    Windows 98
    Windows ME
    Windows 2000
    Windows XP (32 bit)
    Windows 2003 Server
    Windows Vista
    Windows 2008 Server
    Windows 7 Beta

    Windows 98 was a good operating system for it’s time. It was a slim and fast Operating System requiring very little hardware. Allowed DOS programs to run in all glory. In short, it had alot of merits. 98 was a good operating system. On occasion I still use it.

    Windows ME was a not so good operating system. It took away the DOS box, tried to coral everyone away from DOS and to take a totally GUI approach to things. It had one merit, better detection of plug-n-play. I don’t like it as much as 98.

    Windows 2000 was a leap. It encompased 98, ME, and NT4 technology. Biggest thing I didn’t like was that they started to move away from themes. Windows 2000 was a light weight operating system, fast, and not too much of a departure from the Windows 98 Operating System.

    Windows XP (32 bit) was the O.S. that made the quantum leap. It virtually made all prior MS O.S.’s obsolete. Great GUI, good driver support, slick, and fast. Windows XP is the quinessential MS Operating system. An Operating System for the widest audience. My favorite Operating system – period.

    Windows 2003 Server. Enterprise grade Operating System while keeping the responsiveness of XP. Poor driver support out of the box (plug n play). Some driver disks that work in XP will work in 2003. High learning curve for all it’s features, so I haven’t bothered to put it through the ringer.

    Windows Vista absolutely sucks. There is just no way around it. Extremly slow and bloated, it should have not been released. Too many issues for a (for profit) Operating System. My biggest gripe with it is the massive amount of resources it needs for it’s eye candy. Very sweet with an immediately bitter after-taste. Micosoft would have done better to release for profit upgrades to XP. I have installed and replaced it with XP several dozen times. XP is still my favorite MS product.

    Windows 2008 Server. Follows in the foot-steps of 2003 Server, but starts to show greed for resources. A little faster than Vista but slower than XP. Haven’t messed with it too much, but it has potential. This is an Enterprise grade Operating system.

    Windows 7 Beta. Haven’t had the luck to get my hands on it. One word of warning to Microsoft, though. Immediately depart from the Vista stage, consumers will not tolerate another bloated Operating System. This will make or break Microsoft in terms of O.S.’s It will be the difference between, “bringing everyone back into the fold” or have them jump fence to the linux base.

    COMMENTS: The majority of us take it for granted the difficulty in programming such huge projects. It must be agreed that despite the shortcomming of many of these operating systems, they have done quite well. In retrospect we haven’t come very far but we have progressed. An increase in feedback is really the only solution to Microsoft’s problem AND… They must listen.

    Linux, the alternative:

    Yuck. Out of the box, not as responsive as windows. I’ve tried them all. They still have a long way to go to be on par with the (for profit) front. Alot of users just want to be productive without being an expert tweaker, that is just a fact that alot of people have to realize.

    Hardware requirements:

    As of this writing the evaluation is based on a Intel P4 2.8GHZ CPU with 2GB of RAM, Sound Blaster Audigy, AGP 32MB video card, 80GB HD. This is a respectable system out of the continuous upgrade path of ever increasing hardware requirements. I have never purchased quality hardware, and therefore cannot side with all those BSOD users (although I have had my share of the blue screen of death).

    The comments contained herein are limited. To expand on the paragraphs written would require a book. I have time to read books, not to write them.

  50. azmymoh Says:


  51. capncrunch Says:

    It really is funny to read linux user’s almost nazilike commments towards MS products/users.I have run linux in one form or another since I have a buddy who is a linux nazi.It really is not an OS for lazy people like me.It is also not 100% compatible with everything out there and like the old saying on the toy boxes goes “some assembly required”.It is all a matter of preference,everyone likes different things.I have followed the MS family since v3.1(which btw I miss).I have had my share of headaches with Windows but I have to say that I am quite content using my XP 32 SP3 and finally found a AV that actually does what it is suppose to do(Malwarebyte).I do not know what others are doing to get the BOD but I never got it with XP unless a piece of my hardware was failing or having some kind of issue with poorly written drivers.I have tried Vista also which came in my laptop and I ended up wiping it to go back to XP because it really is a garbage OS in comparison.At the end of the day there is no right or wrong about which OS you like to use,we all like what we like for different reasons.

  52. elmuerto47 Says:

    Marc, you forgot to said, Linux is Incompatible. :P

  53. robert Says:


    I would agree with the blog, don’t download windows 7 with a torrent or similar. Because the person who packaged the torrent has probably improved the download. I mean really, they are likely to remove or bypass the most annoying parts of the OS. But for a beta like this you really need the pure shit, complete with every stupid little annoyance Microsoft care to add.

  54. zman245 Says:

    Dear Everyone Who Hates Vista,

    I have an HP Pavilion Slimline s3120n TV PC running Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium. It has an AMD 64 LIVE! / AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual-Core Processor 4200+ with 2048 MB RAM, and a 320 GB hard drive. IT HAS ONLY FROZEN ONCE. I run all kinds of programs that use various amounts of RAM and CPU (usage). None of the Microsoft Office Home and Student 2007 programs (Word 2007, Excel 2007, PowerPoint 2007, OneNote 2007) have ever frozen. The one time it ever froze was when i ran DVD Fab, which tries to store a whole DVD on ur RAM (stupid), and when it did freeze, it was only for about 5-7 seconds. I stopped the stupid program and have no problems since! I see no problem with Vista. I am not downing XP, that is a good OS also, I just like Vista better. For me it’s more user friendly. If you have any questions/comments that you would like to tell me, please do so at zman245@gmail.com

  55. zman245 Says:

    Also, the processor functions at 2.20 GHz ,the system type is a 32-bit OS, it comes with:
    A SuperMulti DVD burner with Light Scribe Technology
    Built-in wireless 802.11 b/g
    HP Pocket Media Drive Bay
    One-third the size of a regular PC
    One year limited warrenty
    NVIDIA Integrated Graphics Card
    The ability to watch, pause, rewind, and record live TV using a built in TV tuner (analog and digital)
    Front Memory Card Reader (SmartMedia/XD, SC/Mini/MMC/RS/Plus/Mobile, CompactFlash I/II/MD, and MS/PRO/Duo/PRO Duo)

    This is an all around awesome computer. MICROSOFT IS BETTER THAN CRAPPY APPLE

  56. Steve K Says:

    I whole-heartedly agree with this article.

    Why would someone run the risk of downloading a shaky version of a previous build that is un-doubtedly infected with some embedded malware? NOT ME! NO THANK YOU! I’d rather pay $1000/yr for a product liscense from AutoDesk than try to pirate it and get sued for a higher price than what the product is worth! (same sentiment toward windows, you get my point) I’m sure there are a couple torrents out there that are verified as a windows7 build, but still, I would like to ensure my legal safety by not downloading it. That’s just not a risk I want to take. (I just might get flamed for that previous statement…)

    Now, I know people are free to choose what OS they would like, and like most of you who have commented, I have tried numerous OS’. My favorite from Microsoft is XP Pro because it’s fairly stable and efficient. My absolute favorite over-all is Ubuntu, but you gotta know what you’re doing for the more advanced features. Ubuntu is good if you want a highly customizable OS without paying anything for it. (Yes, for those of you who don’t know, Linux distro’s are FREE, including Ubuntu Server Edition) You gotta know what you’re doing for some of the networking features though, but for every-day computing, it’s a dream. It’s the fastest OS I’ve tried on my quad-core pc and doesn’t require nearly as much ram as windows.

    With all that said, I’d like to point out to people: Pay attention to the news articles about Windows7. They’re revising, if not completely rebuilding, the kernel, which means they’re trying to make it as light-weight as possible so there’s less os-processes required on top of whatever else you’re running. I, for one, am looking forward to seeing what Windows7 has to offer. I didn’t get in on beta-testing because I have enough different OS’ running as it is. (on one pc I have WinXPHomeSP3, UbuntuLinux7.1, etc. running on a multi-boot based on partitions)

    So, before people start bashing an OS (whatever the OS may be), do your homework, each OS has its own use and is built for a specific reason. If you’re a heavy-duty gamer, I suggest Windows XP (home, pro, or otherwise.. mediacenter has problems though). For a casual os that is low-maintenance, I suggest linux (ubuntu specifically). And for anyone who has not owned a pc before and wants to start with something that’s user friendly, go with mac osx. I havent tried osx on my quad-core yet, but I’m sure it’ll run better than linux.

    Thanks for reading my rant about this topic, I hope it does not fall on deaf ears (or blind eyes in this case…)

    -Steve K

  57. philip Says:

    well all os’s have its problems and everyone has their opinions about them acording with their own experiences but theres one important thing that u all are forgeting when u criticise microsoft and their products…im a microcrap critic myself but credit has to be given to them…if there wouldnt ever existed an audatious company as MS we would still be stucked on informatics stone age…coz all other paralel projects would never see the day if it wasnt to compete windows…and other important thing when criticising os’s like me or vista…keep in mind that they were from the start meant as transitory os’s…thats why i never used vista apart once or twice to test it…coz ive an opinion that if u never tried then u have no right to criticise…eventhought we are still on the beta version of w7, im testing it as its far better than vista…nd dont come with the crap tht its a remeke of vista coz its not and in fact its the true nd definitive os…and thats why vista was out…to prepare us to the new visuals of the new ms os…w7!

  58. BI Says:

    Dunno why so much of hate for Windows? If it was that bad why 90% of the world’s desktop has Windows??

  59. Steve K Says:

    90% of desktop users around the world use Windows because, unfortunately, when you buy a computer, it comes on that computer as a standard operating system. There are very few places you can buy a computer that lets you choose what operating system to put on your pc. Most options any computer dealer will give you will be Microsoft Windows Vista, Microsoft Windows XP (home, pro, or mc), or pre-formatted no OS. They don’t give a choice for linux, mac, or windows because they would lose their microsoft certification if they didn’t offer only microsoft products.

    im not bashing microsoft in any way. i love their products and how far they’ve taken the home computer and technology alike. I just wish computer dealers would give you a choice on operating systems. the company i used to buy my computers from gave you a choice between vista, xp, linux (ubuntu), linux (suse), mac osx, or pre-format no os. now, since they got their microsoft certification, they only offer vista, xp, and pre-format no os.

    Also, (to follow the topic of this post and my previous comment) it’s still wrong, not to mention risky, for someone to obtain an illegal copy of any liscensed software and try to run it without the consent of the company that created it. It would be like a person that owns an old beat-up farm truck stealing a fararri… eventually they’ll get caught no matter how many times they’ve gotten away with it before…

    -Steve K

  60. Joseph A. Williamson Says:

    Steve K,
    Feel free to “bash” away!!!! It’s still a FREE speach country–so far…But, I wouldn’t hold my breath(GM/Chrysler—GOVERNMENT take over…)
    MICROSOFT.. has a “monopoly” on this game…They have for longer than,prior to my getting into computers. And, thats been quite a while.
    Why do you think their in the TOP most wealthest/profitable white collar-controlled companies in the entire world??!!
    BASH–away… no one of any real importance is going to care what WE say–until what that Congresswoman has been suguesting—-actally happens.
    And, even then.. Well, they(The GOVERNMENT) already have constructed “places” to put undesirables… Who speak their mind.

  61. Crow Says:

    Hurrah for Commodore 64!!!! Running Mac OSX and Windows 7….

    Ubuntu doesnt work for me..ordered the cds and the damn thing still fucked up…

    XP was good and thats what I run my Desktops off of…for now…

    I hate people who say Ubuntu is better…come over here and install it for me so I can see..all I get when I try to install is a command prompt screen with no help commands what so ever…and Ubuntu Support is not helping at all….

    Just some advice:

    If you need to call the microsoft tech support number, call the UK…it may cost a little more but they speak english that you can understand….

  62. Prophet Zarquon Says:

    Hmm. This conversation doesn’t really need any more comments, but I feel compelled to say this anyway:

    I have used (on my own machines):
    Mac OS1
    Windows 3.11 for Workgroups
    Windows 95
    Windows 98
    Windows ME
    Windows NT4
    Windows 2000
    Windows XP Home (1st release, SP1, SP2)
    Windows XP Pro (Beta, 1st release, SP1, SP2, SP3)
    Mac OS8
    Windows XP 64
    Windows Vista Ultimate (Beta, 1st release, SP1)
    Mac OSX Tiger
    Mac OSX Leopard
    Redhat Linux 6 (KDE, Gnome)
    Windows 7 (Beta)

    Of these, I would only consider Windows 3.11 to be “stable”. Not when they released. Now. Nothing is stable when new applications and devices are still being developed. None of them are “secure”. Security is an illusion created by a lack of interest in breaking that security. Linux is NOT secure. Mac is NOT secure. Neither is Windows. The best way to avoid getting a virus is to exercise informed caution. If you browse new web sites and download programs/plugins on a regular basis, your best bet is just to keep backups, reformat and reinstall once in a while. No form of anti-virus will prevent all infections.

    No one OS will ever be a perfect fit for every user.

    Some people need every drop of raw CPU speed and RAM capacity they can squeeze out. Small, lightweight kernels with very few additions or visual tools (and very few help guides built in!) will always outpace more user-friendly OSes. Currently, Linux flavors hold this position. Ubuntu IS user friendly, when it works. Unsupported devices and applications are left for advanced users to create the drivers. A software company has a vested interest in providing these things out of the box. Linux users simply do not demand enough ease-of-use to fix this drawback anytime soon.

    Some people need compatibility with other users. Especially in the business world, this means running Office, etc. I have used OpenOffice extensively, and while it’s all I need, it’s simply not good enough for people who exchange files with MS Office users on a regular basis. New games are usually released for Windows first, other OSes later, if at all. If you need to use absolutely every feature and accessory for a PC, but you don’t know how to write your own drivers, Windows still has the most comprehensive support.

    Some people have no idea what they need. They need something that holds their hand, and supports essential new technology “out of the box”. For now, Mac OSX is still the easiest for a total novice to use, but when there IS a problem, even a trained technician can stumble trying to track down the issue.

    A word on video: The Amiga OS was great for video. XP is tolerable. Linux wins out on raw playback and recording capacity, but loses on UI and editing. HDTV took a while to mature. So did 64bit software. After building a 64bit machine, I found that my Designed For Vista HDTV tuner was not compatible with a 64bit OS! Thinking surely this was an MS issue, I tried a Designed For Mac tuner. No go! (To this day, I have no idea why it didn’t work. Mac can be like that.) After Vista SP1, Media Center recognized my tuner automatically, and the manufacturer released 64bit compatible software as well.

    Irony: I use Mac OSX Leopard every week. I don’t need the ease-of-use, I need Final Cut Pro. Avid, Premiere, MovieMaker (LOL), even VirtualDUB, AVIdemux and MEncoder simply aren’t as effective for editing massive disparate video formats. That said (as with an OS) nothing does everything. I often use MEncoder under XP Pro to create RAW video dumps, then edit with Final Cut.

    HDTV recording currently works best for me under Vista SP1.

    XP sucked until SP1 came out, too.

    Every major OS takes hours of configuration (after install) to get everything working properly, and to turn off unneccesary options.

    XP usually has about an hour worth of “turning stuff off”. Vista took four hours. Once done, it actually runs my games with less load time and higher FPS than XP. Half my games run fine under Ubuntu *OR* Leopard, running Windows in a shell. Those that don’t, won’t run at all without XP or Vista. (Incidentally, Crysis still won’t run right on Linux. Runs fine on Mac! Thanks InsanelyMac!)

    Please don’t take this as Linux bashing. I love Linux. I just enjoy having things plug in and work without extra configuration sometimes, and that means running a Windows PC.

    Chameleon is great, but Vista Beta and 1st Release both ruined my multi-boot. Vista Ultimate SP1 now runs happily on a 32gb SSD eSATA, with Chameleon allowing me to reboot into XP 32bit SP3 from my 16gb thumbdrive, Ubuntu from a 500gb SATA, or Leopard from my 80gb NAS (Network) drive. Incidentally, My Dell Latitude D600 and my home-built HD editing machine both boot to the same network drive and share documents, files, etc. Same desktop on both machines!

  63. Prophet Zarquon Says:

    One final note… I got 7 Beta from the official MS server, with no problems. Then again, I’ve been on their Beta list since before XP released. Back then, I got XP Pro from p2p file-sharing before I was able to receive my disks from MS. This time, I was lucky enough to get on their server without all the problems everyone else seemed to have. Later, I downloaded build 6519 from BitTorrent, and a file-compare revealed that every bit was identical to the official release. I wholeheartedly agree that this article was a scare-tactic, nothing more.

    Still can’t get 64 bit video apps to work correctly under Windows 7 with the new updates. That’s kind of what Beta means. Vista was still essentially in a Beta state when it started shipping out on new PCs.

    Also: VLC (VLC!) crashes on Vista Ultimate sometimes. Still can’t figure out why, but it seems to relate to overlay issues when changing video tracks. I use MPlayer with handwritten batch files for playlists. Media Center works well with my touchscreen, and right now, I am building a second PC for my truck, to use as a touchscreen media jukebox.

  64. Matt Says:

    I have used every version of Windows from 3.1 to Vista and I must be doing something wrong because I almost never got BSOD. I even installed XP on a pc that was probably too old and outdated to run it and never had an issue with BSOD, so I cannot relate to people on this one. As for Vista, I have not had any problems there either. i simply turn it on and it works. I use many Adobe programs which make Linux impractical (I have tried many different versions). I dual booted for a while, but never seemd to use linux so I now dual boot XP and Vista. The only reason I do that is because I have a copy of XP Pro 64 bit and the version of Vista that came on my PC is 32 bit. For those who are complaining about hitting OK all the time on Vista, just turn it off. That is the first thing I do on a Vista machine. It is not a bad thing to leave on if you are computer illiterate and might install something you shouldn’t. It’s kind of like the warning on a coffee cup that tells you it is hot and to be careful, not everyone needs it, but some idiots do. All of the people out there who complain about Vista and go on and on about XP remind me of my grandma, always talking about the good ol’ days when bread was 5 cent or whatever. I guess I don’t fear change as much as other people. Every time I boot into XP I am reminded how ugly it looks compared to Vista. That may be superficial, but in my opinion Vista looks much better and I can do all of the same things I used to do in XP.

    I love Linux and the idea of Open Source, but for my needs it is not a good choice. I have spent hours upon hours leaning to use Adobe products and have no desire to relearn everything. Besides, I have not found any video editing programs for Linux that compare with Premiere and After Effects. Feel free to tell me if there is something I haven’t tried. I really like Linux when I dual booted it on my Laptop also, but I could never get the quicklaunch buttons above the keyboard to work and that annoyed me. I guess I am petty, but I like everything to work.

    As for Mac. I have not tried them, but they seem to have their niche. People who want to pay more money for less computer. To me it seems like paying for designer clothes. I have thought about trying one every time I have issues with HP, but when it comes down to it i could not afford one. Mac is only for those with extra money to spend and who want to look cool when they sit at Starbucks.

  65. Anonymous Says:

    Lol everyone is bashingan os. “this is the best for this” this is the best for that…

    the original note states not to download illegal software or leaked beta’s… i see no real problem – i have a friend, who only ever bought 1 thing for his pc, and that was windows xp home – for his mum’s pc. never had any problems with wga or anything, he’s never had a virus on windows, and never has any blue screens. lucky eh? it all about how u use it and what u use it for.

  66. drone Says:

    those dump programmers gave us windows vista….its just comparable with a windows ME or such a very bad version. so why are they wondering that everyone who buoght windows vista is not going to buy a windows again??? after such a crap noone will buy without haven tried it…so first download, then buy. everything else is a waste of money.

  67. Adam Olson Says:

    I’ve used every version of Windows and by far Windows 7 has been extremely good. It took a little less than 20 minutes to setup and it was able to locate all the drivers along with my second desktop and dual video card. I had to manually setup my M-Audio 410 Firewire but that was just a matter of switching to compatibility mode for the setup.

    I will purchase Windows 7 and use primarily since all my programs have fully installed and worked without any issues. I use alot of older software that wouldnt work in Vista only in XP. So I’ve stayed with XP until now.. I’ve been playing with Windows 7 for over a month and really like it.

    As long as I can use all my old purchased software, since most of these computer software companies are actually to blame (not micorsoft) for not developing up-to-date drivers for Vista and failed to thus everyone was expecting Microsoft to develop drivers for millions of other compaines.

    So in short, everything I’ve used in XP has worked perfectly in Windows 7 including my video software, audio software.

  68. Matka Says:

    as a matter of fact mac’s are used as bot’s aswell ^^ so there goes the security

  69. Roli Says:

    hi , ive ben using windows xp , i didnt buy it , i downloaded it with DC++ , and it includes a service pack 2 in it , so happy with the product , also i can download free from microsoft , ex : when i download microsoft media player 11 , i clicked VALIDATE button xD , and whoala :D i didnt spend 1$ on Windows XP , THANKS DC ++ ur my best pawl , free hugs >:D

  70. Arnie Says:

    It is not just about an Operating System it is also about the company behind it. First those who say Mac supports all drivers don’t know shit about drivers. Apple packs everthing in a shiny box and you are happy. It cant support a shit if the manufacturers of those devices dont offer drivers for it.

    Apple and Microsoft is the most pathetic company which is extorting money from users by creating monopoly. Apple is and even bigger criminal as they lock users into their product. If you have a little conscience of your worth use something which keeps you a homoerectus and not some slave.
    GNU/Linux rocks — Microsoft/Windows; Apple/Mac sucks!

  71. Arnie Says:

    And these girls who are saying windows is cool haven’t seen the real machines. Give up on dolls…use Linux

  72. Hurm... Says:

    All of you retards waving the Ubuntu flag might want to stop and consider that there are tons of software that isn’t available for Linux… for example the whole Adobe Suite. Sure there’s Gimp and other free vector software around to play with but if you you’re a designer and need real work tools you have to choose between either Windows or Mac. I’d consider buying a Mac if they actually started packing decent hardware inside their machines instead of just scamming users based on bullshit marketing campains and retarded “Hi, I’m a mac… and I’m a PC” videos so I’m stuck with Windows.

  73. randee Says:

    After working on both Mac and PC platforms (usually in the same day) I prefer the non-proprietary of windows machines.
    I installed a dual boot of Windows 7 & XP and have been playing with it for a few months now. It set up with in minutes and runs flawlessly, especially for only a release candidate. I’ll get the full version when it’s available and a 64bit copy to replace my laptop’s vista. I have to agree with Adam Olson. It’s the best Windows so far.
    It uses far less resources and runs smoother than Vista ever dreamed of.

  74. Bah... Says:

    Anyone that works in the design industry and needs to work with the Adobe suit is forced to use either Windoze or MacOS so stop that go Linux bullshit and actually take the time to grow a brain. Those free open-source applications that try to mimic Photoshop (Gimp), Illustrator (InkScape) and InDesign (forgot the name), are nothing but child’s toys. A real professional needs real tools so we’re stuck with those OSs forever. I would consider using MacOS if they wouldn’t force you to use their crap overpriced hardware and it pisses me off that one of the arguments they use to sell their computers is that they are the only ones that can run the 2 OSs, no shit. Hackintosh is the way to go if you’re looking to use MacOS, maybe open their eyes once and for all but, to be honest, I see no problem with Vista and probably Windows 7 will be even better. Who cares about running Linux when you can pirate everything anyway? Geez, open your eyes.

  75. jason Says:

    Guys, I hate mikisoft stuff. But i have to use it because linux is damn shit. 2 weeks ago i installed ubuntu 8.0.damn version and it took my 4 days to install my graphic card driver, finally i could not find anything and i gave to view my screen 800×600. So i delete ubuntu back to winXp. I am pretty cool now.
    Last word, i am going to say. Linux users must device manufacturers to make linux driver else linux keep loosing.

  76. tex Says:

    I like Ubuntu Jaunty- aside from the fact that it doesn’t install on my laptop. It’s not that one driver is messing up- the d@mn thing won’t even install.

    Linux appears to be the “Liberal’s Operating System.” In almost every Linux vs. Windows argument the “Linux is free” point is made. They want something for nothing. Common sense should tell them that there are always “catches” with “free” things. In this case, certain hardware and software support from, you guessed it, companies who are making loads of money.

    With all that money those companies are able to stay several steps ahead of the “free” software available for Linux (Adobe and MS Office are excellent examples).

    Seems like a silly point to argue to me though. Everyone should try all operating systems and pick the one that works best for them.

  77. Blizzerand Says:

    lol . can’t believe you all like windows . Windows is proprietary , where you have to pay for everything . It just isn’t right . Knowledge is supposed to be free . I see a lot of torrent hacking into windows making a rightful ownership ( or thats what they say) , leave that there friends , who needs MS , they always seems to fail us. But look at the choices you have at open source software .
    Fedora , Ubuntu , Suse , Debian ………… Never ending line up of OS . And if you feel they are out of style try KDE or Gnome with any other theme that are **freely** available .
    Windows is not what you want but something which you an download for free or you can even get one from their respective free media projects where you don’t have to pay anything . If this is the first time you are trying linux welcome >>

  78. RSQ Says:

    i m using vista but its performance too slow

  79. Chainsaw Says:

    If I picked the OS I liked, I’d quit using computers and start a hemp plantation. I pick the OS that gets the job done, and for me it’s Windows (98SE and 2k) because I used some 300 pieces of software on my last music project, of which about 5% is available for Linux (mostly in command-line C), and about 2% (a good wave editor) is available for Mac.

    If you can do what you want with office software, a web browser, and a media player, then you can use Windows, Mac, or Linux equally. If you spend your day with Adobe software or high-end graphics, you probably want to do it on a Mac. If thirty-day reliability is required, you need Linux. But if your preferred tools include hundreds of obscure one-trick ponies, and you have more time than money, Windows is your game.

    And the old rule still applies – get the software that does what you want, then get the computer that runs that software. Of course, if what you want is to proselytize an OS because it’s the closest thing to a religion in your life…

  80. Ummbumtu Says:

    People please….. There is NO such better or BEST OS…. I don’t think there will ever be one….

    Linux, Mac, Windows, and other OS got it pro and cons….

    Mac or Apple Sucked in Late 80′s to Early 90′s

    MS Win just sucked at this moment, and surely they will boom to better (With no suprise)

    Linux sucked on and off….

    So what I can tell you, its based on personal preference… I personally love windows over mac and linux, not because its better… its because it flow my boat. Mac and Linux sure is nice, but I just couldn’t fit into those world right.

    So hush on battling which OS is better, otherwise you ll end up no where.

  81. Hacktheknife Says:

    Yeah, there is a better software, the one that is free!! so download it wherever you can… anyways microsoft will be gaining zillions of dollars after sev7n release… do you think a few copies less will harm the beast? Well, think ’bout it… you decide.

  82. AikonZ Says:

    Every single comment ends here with a note “Stop all this hush-hush”, “No point continuing with the discussion”, “u’ll end up nowhere” n stuff like that!!!!
    but still the comments continue!!!
    Way too funny LOL!!!
    Just got myself a Winodws 7 (Full Retail copy)
    Its awesome!!!! ROCCCKKKKKSSSS!!!

  83. Erik Says:

    People seem to be confusing Operating Systems with Politics these days. Each OS has a forte Everyone that submits their work strides hard to attempt their best work of technical art, sure like any other person they come with fallacies. I think everyone should pick up some virtualization and continue to evaluate what everyone has to offer because it is the most narrow-minded of us that misses the most of what everybody has to offer to make a world a better place.

  84. Yosh Says:


    I have been using Windows XP Pro for over five years and from the last three years I use a Licensed copy of XP Pro. I used the beta version of Windows 7 and got amazed about it. It’s easy simple and yet show some stability.

    I have been using Ubantu and Redhat for three years and haven’t felt that ease like I use a windows machine, one good reason is that it’s not common and more powerful in command line mode (As I believe). But windows, it gives the power in GUI yet can be done with CLI too.

    One more thing, I told you about that I am using a Licensed copy right? Since the day I started using it and do all the updates as Microsoft suggests with a good Anti Virus, I have been experienced that it stays stable. Very stable.

  85. NNN Says:

    i like windows and Linux
    i use them
    windows are for my gaming while Linux is for my programming.

    windows has tons of AV while Linux has less virus (virus programmers create more for windows rather than linux (i never encounter Linux virus)) .

    about issues in torrent, i hate rich people.
    microsoft is too rich and they change windows to sell another one
    and the fact that new hardware drivers (branded PCs) are compatible only in vista :

  86. NNN Says:


    i dont see another new technology…
    its still the same ! hard drive to memory to processor etc. etc.
    Vista has just another features that i think it can be programmed and install in XP.. like graphics card/devices is just additional processor/memory for graphics output that your processor and memory can also do..

  87. thebigal_au Says:

    There will always be ubantu, linux, mac users who will always knock windows as an OS. Those people really need to wake up.

    I have been an IT engineer and Manager for some of Australias biggest firms for over 10 years. I cant think of how many times we have ran into compatability and driver issues with ubantu, linux and so forth.

    Things just work with winows. I don;t want to be selective with what hardware or software i can use, i want to be able to use whatever is out there.

    Sure Vista had it’s problems. I will be the very first person to knock how unstable vista was.
    Many of you said how XP was the best OS. Don’t forget when XP came out so many people hated it, and now it rates really well.
    Truth of the matter is windows 7 is by far the best operating system on the market.

  88. FooBar Says:

    You do realise key generators are legal. I can easily create a program that generates numbers too.

    Plus who in their right man use that virus infested Windows anyways. Pay $300 for a piece of shit disc that you barely get any customising.

    Lucky Apple charges too much. If they didn’t Windows wouldn’t be as popular

  89. Vanlal Says:

    Guys, to be honest, XP is the best OS, many Oporating Systems may come up in the future, the more it comes, the more they identify the speciality of XP. But, I don’t mean that all the other OS are not good. The best way to say is, “IT’S YOUR CHOICE”..:D:D:D

  90. Stin Says:

    Well I stupidly deleted my Vista recovery folder when I was drunk and was not prepared to spend any money on new Windows and didn’t want to take my usual torrent root as I’m turning over a new leaf :-)
    I thought Linux Mint would do for now, but have decided to keep it as my main OS because to be honest it makes Vista look like a toy! Everything I did on my Vista PC I can do on Linux Mint but faster and cleaner.
    Yeah I don’t play games and sure windows is good for this, but there ARE some decent free Linux Games out there to be played.
    What I like about LM is the fact everything worked out of the box and its fast to install, my wireless works better than with Vista and I don’t need to search for software discs for my printer, scanner etc, everything is recognised!
    Maybe I just got lucky?
    I can recommend Linux Mint to any Windows user, try it :-)

  91. naresh Says:

    Hi my windows 7 ultimate 64bit cd is corrupted. I have the serial key now all i need is download windows 7 64bit plz help me.

  92. Mohsin Mohammed Says:

    Windows 7 is a pretty gud OS.. i mean the look and stuff makes it a great OS. But like vista it is also a failure model. I would call it an upgrade of xp. However xp is THE best. I found a really gud OS now. Its xp based but has both vista and win 7 features. Plus mac OS X. The maker has not mentioned bout ubuntu.. i liked ubuntu coz of the 3d desktop feature.
    Newayz im having a problem installing xp. I have an old P5PE-VM series motherboard and i installed vista. When i tried switching back to xp it didnt work. The boot simply showed the blackscreen and the marker kept flickering. When i installed win 7 beta version 7077 build the same happens. Can someone help me out this this shit. I tried googling it but no use as i couldnt find understandable instruction.
    IM me or email me timetraveller1992@yahoo.com
    IM would be nice coz i can chat :D

  93. mac my ass Says:

    ok im going to say this once and only once, if you REALLLLLLY believe that a mac cant get a virus then your a complete noob. ANY operating system can get viruses, its a computer system. the problem is that 90%ish of the worlds computer users are windows users. if im gonna waste my time writing viruses im going to hit 90% of the population. im not gonna go after the 10% of other os users. (not 100% sure on the % split but you get the point) and being a previous mac genius i can tell you without a doubt that there are viruses written for macs, its just very unlikely that you will get one. so stop with the bullshit that macs are impervious to viruses.

  94. This guy is Dumb Says:

    LOL! I have neevr paid for windows and I never ever will!


    Good advice for stupid people maybe lol :D

  95. Akshansh Says:

    Can Linux be used to run high requirement games?

  96. Combat Butler Says:

    I tried Linux Ubuntu three times. It froze up on installation, the display during installation was messed up, it was incompatible with my graphics card, terminally incompatible with my modem/router and I couldn’t play any games on it.

    Linux is great unless you want to use your computer for anything other than programming.

  97. Jimmy Says:

    want a real os get rid of that 7 and vista or Xtra Problems for that matter got with 2k me or 98
    open suses is good to heck try mac osx snow loeperd

  98. Alex Says:

    I think I can help with this whole OS debate

    I’ve had a vista/ubuntu dual boot and frankly I used ubuntu more than I used vista, but my harddrive broke, vista wouldn’t boot, ubuntu would.

    Since I got new harddrive with just vista no more problems, I’m getting 7 though

    o and microsoft users are less aggro than linux users, everyone is entitled to their opinions

  99. Hisoka Says:

    I’ve been using windows XP and 7 (on two separate computers) and never had a single issue I couldn’t fix. Games ran like crap on my mac so I sold it, I tried linux and didn’t like it. Now I don’t care for a new OS, I’m fine with the ones I’ve got.

  100. Joe Says:

    I’ve used Windows XP for a while until 2-3 years ago when I discovered Linux (yes, discovered, like discovering a treasure box).

    Right now, Ubuntu 10.04 supports most hardwares and has most softwares that other OS does. It is way more customizable (and I don’t mean just to looks, which is already a big plug compared to Windos), and flexible. In this period of 2-3 years I think my Linux only has crashed less than 5 times, and 3 of those was probably because I had 40 something tabs opened for Chrome. But that’s expected since I was using a netbook.

    I’ll be honest, I do miss Windows. Well, not because of Windows, but because of Adobe and games. I never got wine to really work like Windows on Photoshop and things like that (if you want to help please do!).

    So my final conclusion is that Linux is a really good OS, and it is free. It can complete all my tasks (and more), but it’d be cool if I could use Adobe and play games (real games, not the Linux games) on here.


  101. Mmuldoor Says:

    Each Os has its problems and benefits… I’ve been running os x 10.4 for 5 years….I love it and hardly see the point of upgrading to leopard or snow leopard. I know you can’t play as many games as Windows, but hey, I am an adult with a job, I need a computer that works reliably, i couldn’t care less about games. I just play some old turbo grafx 16 on an emulator that’s fine. I just installed a windows xp virtual machine and that should take care of my windows needs. I just find windows so bizarre now. Like with os x I never have to install service packs, or “defragment” or install antivirus software, or fix registries or whatever. It all sounds like a huge waste of time.
    AS for linux, its a little more difficult to use, but it’s cool. I’ll need to install more ram though before I can run a linux virtual machin on my mac. Can’t wait to install ubuntu 11.04 beta 2.
    BTW, the reason Mac Hardware costs more is because its f*ckin superior. HAs nothing to do with software per se. It has to do with the fact that they live forever, that the screen is built into the harddrive, that they’re just fucking solid man. The only mac that died on us so far was one original imac. Still have 3 decade old Mac computers with original OS running beautifully.

  102. Mmuldoor Says:

    And yes…. I know macs can get viruses…But I’ve downloaded assloads of suspect stuff in my 5 years with this Imac and still no viruses. I wonder if that’s going to change soon though if macs get popular enough.

  103. Mmuldoor Says:

    p.s. finally….Prophet Zarquon is the best comment (#62) I agree!

  104. phil28m1982 Says:

    well ,,, i have to try this (why not download win 7 torent) thanks all

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