Oct 31

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WindowsPager is not a new tool, but the latest update brings seamless integration to Windows 7. It is an opensource portable pager utility for Windows that creates four virtual desktops(also called virtual workspaces).

It integrates perfectly in the Windows 7 taskbar(also called superbar) with complete preview of apps running in virtual desktops. Clicking each icon will take you to it’s respective virtual desktop.

Apart from switching the desktops by clicking the icons in the taskbar, you can also switch by right-clicking any Windows title bar and selecting the virtual desktops.


You will be surprised to know that the preview of virtual desktops in the taskbar is live, which means that you will see which windows are open in each desktop and where they are positioned. To test this feature hold any window and move it around the desktop, watching the preview in the taskbar.

Download WindowsPager

It works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7. You will find executables for both 32-bit and 64-bit OS inside the zip archive. It is a portable tool which weights around 500Kb only and can run straight from the USB drive. Enjoy!


17 Responses to “Windows 7 Virtual Desktop Manager”

  1. Thiden Says:

    I want to get Window7

  2. Palmetto Says:

    It may work for you but when I tried it, it ‘blacked out’ all active apps on my Taskbar. I recommend either VirtuaWin or Dexpot instead.

  3. David Says:

    This product works great although I doubt they will read this review one thing I personally would like is mobility integrated into the software, for someone like me whom customizes desktops it is nice to be able to move the software and customize where it is.

  4. peter A Says:

    this version of virtual desktop manager is CRAP. It does not work and now I’m trying to delete the program, it will not uninstall. Advise everybody to try the proper Microsoft program.

  5. Dave Says:

    This is the virtual desktop app I was looking for but didn’t know it :) . I’ve tried them all and find WindowsPager to be perfect for my needs. With 4 big boxes I can see exactly whats running and where (what box). I can move running apps over to another box with ease either by drag and drop and by right clicking on the app title bar and selecting the virtual desktop. This app is simple and productive once your used to it. Its a keeper and I thank you…Dave

  6. Daniel Says:

    Yes. WindowsPager does a perfect job in a stable and simple way. The other options I have looked at have either been unstable, or too complex for getting up and running quickly. The only thing this program needs is a bit of polish and a few more display options for the preview box (like being able to move it or hide it).

  7. Kuel Says:

    This is amaging program which is very fast and convenient.
    I want to adding fullscreen preview function like a space(in MacOSX)
    and slide switching effect.
    windowspager will be a best desktop manager.

  8. adante Says:

    Disappointing. This thing flickers like crazy when I switch desktops. Messes up with a multiline start menu pretty badly (menu only uses 1 line). Also minimise to desktop sometimes hides my start bar (I have it set to always show). Also interacts badly with ultramon.

  9. Daniel Says:

    Works great. Does everything I need it to do. Has some problems with games and other programs but it has a documentation on how to work around them. It would be really nice if Microsoft could just make this part of the OS. It seems really odd that an open source project can make this wonderful 5MB app, and Microsoft cannot.

  10. Elfitz Says:

    I very much like the way this little ap is supposed to work. Unfortunately, when I delete an icon from one of the set, it disappears from the other 3 as well.
    Any suggestions?


  11. AndyO Says:

    Hoi. On Win7 64bit:
    1) Windows titlebar context menu does not work with old style windows (such as Momentix Development environment, Virtual Machine, …).
    2) I cannot get a settings menu, define hotkeys or anything
    3) I would also like to have the ability of “arranging” the virtual desktops and moving windows between them.
    4) I could not yet test how reliable this application is. Dexpot has the BIG issues that windows frequently appear on all screens and sometimes due to this are not accessible any longer after minimizing. Let us see about WindowsPager…

    I like size, memory usage and speed of the proggy so far very much though.

  12. bwquestion Says:

    The program seems to be more of a window manager than a desktop manager. I will group open windows into 1 of 4 groupings and allow you to switch between the groupings. You are however still working with one desktop. If you need a window manager this is an excelent product. If you need a desktop manager this is not it.

  13. cheap vibram Says:

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  14. subet Says:

    It is on the top of the right sidebar.

  15. Untangling Multi-tasking: The Importance of Being Interruptible Says:

    [...] as anticipated.  “Virtual desktops” do placeholding for an entire desktop (see a sample here, although it’s not an endorsement – I just Googled [...]

  16. Pedro Says:

    I can’t use the application (on windows 7 32bits). The start menu stop working.

  17. radlure Says:

    I haven’t found any really good desktop switchers/virtual desktop managers.
    dexpotty sort of works but it does cause problems frequently so I got rid of it.
    Pager is really primitive compared to compiz or apple’s elegant solution. I really hate that M$ couldn’t be bothered to include this feature and the aftermarket solutions are either costly or mostly beta.

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