Mar 17

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Advanced System Optimizer for Windows 7Advanced System Optimizer will optimize your PC performance, alert you to potential problems, and help you troubleshoot your PC. It is the most comprehensive, powerful and smartest system optimizer.

Advanced System Optimizer v. 3 is a multi-functional system performance and optimization suite for Windows. This collection of tools lets you supercharge your PC’s performance, enhance its security, tweak and optimize its settings, and customize and personalize your screens.

New features in version 3 include a comprehensive driver updater, a game optimizer that enhances the speed and fun of computer game-playing, and unique file and folder recovery tools that are not available in other Windows optimization software.

Advanced System Optimizer’s Registry Cleaner makes your system more stable by cleaning out the bad Registry entries that build up each time you install and uninstall software. The program’s Registry Optimizer defragments and rebuilds your Registry, making your entire system run more smoothly and quickly.

The program includes four powerful tools to clean and optimize your hard drives. The System Cleaner removes clutter and unnecessary files from your PC, allowing it to run more quickly. The Disk Optimizer defragments your hard drive, keeping it running efficiently. The Disk Tools checks your hard drive at startup, and ensures that errors are detected and corrected. The Disk Explorer tells you which files and folders are taking up too much space, and makes it easy to manage disk usage.

Advanced System Optimizer v. 3 runs under XP/Vista/Windows 7 under both 32 and 64 bits.

It has a list of many more features. Click here to find out more information and download link…


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  1. Johne Says:

    Great software for my PC, Advanced System optimizer 3

    Has many utilities that i need for my PC


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