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Windows 7 Font ManagerThe options to install, uninstall and manage fonts has not been changed in a Windows operating system since Windows 95. At least not in a remarkable way. The only solution so far was to rely on third party applications that would offer font previews and a comfortable solution to install and uninstall them. The fonts manager was overhauled in Windows 7 and provides a preview of every installed font of the computer system with the option to hide fonts based on language settings.

Each font can be previewed directly in the main fonts menu because three characters (abg) are displayed in the font’s icon. Multiple fonts of the same font family, say Courier New or Arial are stacked together and shown as the font family with information on the available font types shown in the same interface.

A preview of all fonts of a font family is available after double-clicking an icon. A click on a single-font will open a preview window of that font showing all of its characters in various sizes.

The new font manager is one of many small but very noticeable changes in Windows 7. This is definitely a welcome addition.

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20 Responses to “Windows 7 Introduces New Font Management”

  1. Batman_ald Says:

    I think it have to be better than vista and fix the mistakes and faults in windows vista .
    I really love to try it

  2. BlueBoden Says:

    I don’t have any font related problems in Vista.

  3. Stitch Says:

    Well, it sounds like barely an improvement over the OLD Font manager. Which could barely be called THAT. Give me a font manager where I can control which fonts are active at a time and integrate THAT into the OS already… Graphic Designers cringe and have to fork out cash to resolve the problem.

  4. ujm ik Says:

    how to chang the letters in fontview “Abg” to someting else like Agö

  5. Barliesque Says:

    I second Stitch’s comment. The task of font management means managing which fonts, from a library of perhaps *thousands* of fonts, should be installed at any given time. Several of the major design applications can be bogged down when too many fonts are installed all at once–so we have to choose. For that matter, it’s time consuming having to trawl through a list of 2000 fonts for something that looks right. So, “Font Management” should also include some means of organizing all those fonts.

    As far as I can see, what Windows 7 has to offer is an improved Font Viewer, but not really a manager. This unfortunately underscores what makes so many designers choose Apple over Microsoft.

  6. ColdFusion Developer Says:

    Agreed with Barliesque. I still the old and trusty Adobe Type Manager software. It looks like it was written back in the Windows 3.1 days but it does exactly what it is supposed to do.

  7. Cathy Says:

    I also agree with above… I hope they will come up soon with a Font Manager that provides an activate/deactivate option…

  8. Jacquii Cooke Says:

    I have to echo the sentiments above – but I have just read the “Windows 7 Introduces New Font Management” and I laughed. My question to you is ==> What font management? LOL- It’s a laughable announcement – but kudos on improving the functionality of Windows otherwise. Except for the sidebar fiasco which does not offer an option of the ACTUAL sidebar – kinda mindboggling. Perhaps Windows Evolution ((interesting concept to see the software actually evolve…)) will see a robust font management system amongst other things, as Windows 7 really to me seems a Vista Clone with a few GUI enhancements. At least it is not such a resource hog anyway…


  9. HateWindows Says:

    I also really like Adobe Type Manager Deluxe, but my new Windows 7 computers says it won’t install run with this system!!!

    Suitcase Fusion 2 just caused problems, even thought the website says it is 7 ready, and FontAgent Pro does not claim to be ready (as of last week).

  10. Markg Says:

    I have same issues as all above. We have loads of documents archived and when retrieving them in this new OS, I found many fon’t were missing. Since I don’t have time to go through and install fonts for each document I ended up having to install everything (over 2000 fonts). I would like to think I will have time one day to remove the fonts not in use – but how do I know which ones they are? There is nothing to say which program installed them or to tell me if they have ever been used.. or when.

  11. Keith Tamlin Says:

    Ive aquired a new laptop with Windows 7 loaded and I would like to know if theres a built in font management system, if so how and where do I find it, or do I have to aquire a seperate software, whats recomended for 7.

  12. Anders Thunström Says:

    Take a look at Suitcase Fusion 2 for Windows from Extensis.
    The first version did have some problems but no w it work well for me. I’m using Adobe CS4 and need to manage thousand of fonts for different designs going to print. Fusion 2 has a plug-in to CS4 InDesign and it will activate/deactivate fonts automatically. This program save me tons of time finding the right font when opening files. They have a demo version that you can try before you buy.

  13. John Anders Fossmo Says:

    The Font Manager in Windows 7 have som missing options. What if I have to install an application by using msi, and the package contain a font that need to be installed before you can start the installed application. It do not help to put the font in c:\Windows\Fonts, and the reboot. The only thing that I manually have to do is to opent the font file and press install. This is not good enough. I would like to hav a command that can update the font library when I need, not when Windows 7 need… :-(

  14. John Anders Fossmo Says:

    Have solved it. Error in Font file

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  17. Win Bitcoins Says:

    Why is it necessary to install/uninstall fonts anyway? Why does having thousands of fonts degrade Windows performance? Would be nice if such a modern OS as Win 7 could just handle it.

  18. Laura Mc Says:

    I really need a way to categorize my fonts so that when I need a specific type I do not have to go through all of the fonts. I love having the choices especially when doing graphics, I would think that by now windows would have the ability to use folders or something to sort other than alphabetic. I like that you added the ability to view the fonts and stacked family groups but you have a ways to go to be able to call it font management.

  19. baci Says:

    I can not believe that in 2011 there is no easy to use yet powerful Font manager in Windows 7.

    Current Font Viewer is NOT!!! font manager, it is very far from that. It does not allow an easy way to manage and organize fonts.

    Microsoft, give us a font manager where user can control which fonts are active at a time and integrate THAT into the Win 7 / 8.

    Look at OS X – built in font manager works like a charm.. as that is a font MANAGER! Or the Corel Fontnavigator that comes with Corel Suite -> These are Font managers!!!!

    What features requested?

    - Create unlimited number of font sets (e.g for project 1, project 2, etc.)
    - Add fonts to sets
    - Remove fonts from sets
    - Sort fonts by format (TT, Postscript, Opentype)
    - Sort fonts by style (Monotype, SansSerif, Serif, Script, etc.)
    - customizable sample text with customizable size!
    - Activate / deactivate fonts sets with a single click

  20. RogueLeader Says:

    The majority of my thoughts have been conveyed through the postings of: Stitch, Barliesque, Laura, and baci.

    While I am not a graphic designer in the sense of the true meaning of the career, I digital-scrapbook, which means … I’m a font-a-holic. I would love to have a REAL font manager with separate folders such as, kid fonts, handwritten fonts, scripts, dingbats, holiday, etc integrated into the manager.

    For example, if I’m looking for a Christmas font (‘Tis the season!), I’d like to be able to have a searchbar to type in “Christmas,” and then all of the Christmas fonts I have would be displayed so I can choose which ones I want to install at that very moment, and also easily uninstall them when my task is completed.

    It is true that the more fonts you have installed, the more it bogs down start-up, as well as programs such as MS Office, WordPad, Paint Shop Pro (my preferred), and PhotoShop (Which I did install briefly since my son has that program in order to compare the font loading times–they are no different.), etc.

    If Microsoft calls the changes to Control Panel/Fonts folder as “font management,” then no one in the company literally understands the concept of font managing. Yeah, sure, it’s great to see what each font looks like in the folder, but it is severely lacking for true management.

    I love Windows, truly I do, and I have been using it since the early days when BBS’s and Blue Wave were popular. I have no intention of ever switching to a different OS, even though my son swears by Linux; however, I feel Windows users/consumers know better when it comes to what they want and expect out of an OS, especially when some people have had home computers since childhood (Ahh, remember Texas Instruments? LOL [Gee, I suddenly feel old mentioning that.])

    The bottom line is: An upgrade to the Font Folder is desperately needed in order to call it as the title of this page states, “New Font Management.” Simply allowing seeing the font in the folder is not management; it’s a preview.

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