Oct 31

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MalwareDo you know the number one threat that can cause harm to your computer? If you have been using the Internet for 24 hours 7 days in a week, then for sure your computer has already been infected with spyware. Spyware is a kind of malware that can retrieve personal and private information without your knowledge and permission.

Is your personal information at risk? Actually, every time you go online without enough protection on your computer, there will be programs that automatically install onto your computer such as cookies and tracking devices. This is where spyware comes into the picture. Spyware and other forms of malware can track your internet behavior. Not only that, they can embed malicious activities like monitoring every activity you do online as well as getting information from your personal files.

So what can you do to stop this kind of malicious activity going on into your computer? Well, the easiest and the simplest solution to resolve this dilemma is to install a good anti-spyware software. But first and foremost, what are you going to look for in anti-spyware software? Well, to guide you in acquiring one, here is a list for your serious consideration when you are looking for the best anti-spyware software for your computer.

  • Ease of Use – The software that you are about to use must be a user friendly. It must come with a manual that is easy to understand.
  • Effective in Detection – You need to know how effective it can detect spyware getting into your computer. Aside from this, you must have to see if it got real time protection from spyware and how effective it is in detecting spyware and other malware.
  • Effective in removing spyware – You need to be assured that the anti spyware software can effectively remove spyware from your computer
  • System Performance – Once the software has been installed into the system and it will not cause the computer to crawl, then this is a good sign that the software can provide good system performance in your device.
  • Scan Performance – You need to know if  you can continue using your computer even if the anti spyware software is performing a total scan on your computer. If your computer can go on with its work as usual even with the scanner doing its thing, then the software is a good one. Some softwares totally paralyzes your activities since you need to wait until the scanning is completely finished before you can use your computer.

Learning to select the best anti-spyware software can help you remove spyware and even block them beforehand before they can penetrate into your computer’s system and do serious damage.


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  1. Jim Polwort Says:

    The headline reads “Anti-Spyware Review”. One would expect there to be “reviews” of the top anti-spyware software, and actual reviews of that software, and a recommendation of both free, and paid software. This article is misleading, in that it does no such thing. I personally like MS Security Essentials, and it’s free.

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