Nov 18
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Like Windows 7 Public betas Microsoft has made the first Windows 8 Developer Preview build publicly available for download to all Windows enthusiast.  Unlike Windows 7, Microsoft did managed to keep tight lied on Windows 8 leaks and it was worth the wait for first official preview build since all the new Metro UI and features can be seen on in this Windows 8 Developer Preview which Microsoft demoed today at Build conference.

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Apr 27
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Windows 8 BSoDHow bad, we will miss the annoying blue screen of Windows. Really, because in the current builds of Windows 8 there is no blue screen of death. Instead, the error screen color becomes black :) In some  builds of Windows 98, we know that Microsoft tried red screen too. But new OS comes with a black error screen.

Apr 19
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We have screenshot of the task manager of Windows 8 build 7850.The new Task Manager is not completely functional in the aforementioned build (closing an application with the utility does not make it disappear from the list). Still, it’s noticeably different. As you can see, there are three tabs: Programs, Startup, and Users (compared to Applications, Processes, Performance, and Networking in current versions of Windows). This will likely change, but it’s still interesting to see what Microsoft is experimenting with. Continue reading »

Apr 13
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windows 8After long waits, Windows 8 Build 7850 leaked. It is available to download from some ftp and torrent sites. Here is the link where you can download and test Windows 8 Build 7850 (6.1.7850.0.winmain_win8m1.100922-1508_x86fre_client-enterprise_en-us.iso). Continue reading »

Dec 24
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Windows 8 GamingMicrosoft is said to be bringing a bigger focus to PC gaming in the next version of Windows.

Citing anonymous sources, TechRadar reported yesterday that PC gaming will be part of a “new push” by Microsoft, as well as a “key component for the whole OS.”

Little is known about the next version of Windows. Slides that leaked onto the Web earlier this year hinted at a variety of features, including a digital software marketplace that would let users purchase and install Windows software. Continue reading »