Jun 05
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Despite what Bill Gates said about a new operating system coming “next year”, Microsoft has clarified that the next version of Windows is not coming before January, 2010. Continue reading »

Jun 04
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Microsoft Corp. will require hardware makers to test their device drivers on Windows 7 to receive certification for Windows Vista, according to documents posted (.pdf) on the company’s site. Continue reading »

Jun 03
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While the anticipated arrival of Windows 7 is still some 18 months away by Microsoft’s (tentative) reckoning, the Redmond-based company has this week taken the opportunity to unveil one of the ambitious new features it has planned for possible inclusion. Continue reading »

May 31
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Chinese website Think Next published several new details about the latest Windows 7 Milestone 1 release that has the internal build number 6574.1. Just a few hours after posting the new pictures, videos and information they pulled them again but thanks to caches they are still accessible. About a dozen new Windows 7 screenshots were posted as well as one new Windows 7 video and explanations that described the screenshots and videos. Continue reading »

May 23
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Microsoft watcher Mary Jo Foley believes that Windows 7 may be released in ‘components’ where customers will be able to choose which features they want to install, rather than every part of Windows 7 and the kitchen sink as well being installed as a default e.g. if you don’t want the mail, photos or video features then you could choose to not install them. Continue reading »

May 20
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Microsoft is having a problem, a huge one that is only becoming apparent these days. The announcement that the Windows 7 Milestone 1 was released to a first batch of testers which included an update of the release schedule made it clear that we might be less than two years away from the public retail release of Windows 7. Continue reading »

Jan 23
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Today, i have seen a new comment in my inbox. Martin Schmidler has written that there are the first impressions of Windows 7 on NeoWin forum. I am excited to see this. I read the forum post. But i saw that the new version is not much different than Vista. I think Microsoft didn’t take his lesson from Vista. Continue reading »

Jan 19
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Chicago (IL) – Several industry sources have confirmed to TG Daily that a very early version of Windows 7, previously code-named Blackcomb Vienna, already has been shipped to “key partners” as a “Milestone 1” (M1) code drop for validation purposes. A roadmap received by TG Daily indicates that the new operating system will be introduced in the second half of 2009. Continue reading »

Jan 19
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Not too long ago Microsoft described Windows Presentation Foundation as the “UI platform for the next 20 years”. Surprisingly work is beginning on an even newer Windows UI framework. My Windows Vista clock must be running slow. Continue reading »

Jan 09
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A Microsoft blogger Hilton Locke said that “I will say that if you are impressed by the “touch features” in the iPhone, you’ll be blown away by what’s coming in Windows 7. Now if only we could convince more OEMs that Windows Touch Technology is going to drive their sales.”

Bill GatesAlso Bill Gates, the chairman of Microsoft, talked on 6th January 2008 at International Consumer Electronics Show. He said “The first digital decade was largely driven by the keyboard and the mouse. Just in the last two years we’ve started to see the emergence of other modes of interaction. Touch on the Windows PC, touch on the iPhone, the Surface device that we’re talking about. We started to see speech, – the Tellme capability – built into the phone, the Ford Sync, where you get to talk and interact with your media or your phone capabilities.”

We are waiting to see the new features.